Who we are

The Giovannini family is winemaker from three generations and always done his work with passion and dedication.

L’azienda Giovannini sorge sulle dolci pendenze del territorio imolese a metà degli anni ’60.

The company started with the activitiesin the 1965 in this land between Emilia and Romagna ever since synonymous of great convivality and devotion for the wine.The head of the family , Garibaldo Giovannini( Jacopo grandfather) began with a passion that still remains unchanged today , in his son Giorgio and in Jacopo.

From the cultivation of the grapes ,to aging in the bottles kept in a special tunnel , located inside the hills, the Giovannini wine evolves into the fruit in harmony between new technologies and the continuity of the past , with a great passion for this work from three generations.

Our Present is conditioned by our future …

Present and future

Our present is conditioned by our future…

We never be satisfied, we want to produce hight quality wines, without forgetting the typical of our territory.


Healty!We want that our wines not to be conditioned by chemistry.In nature we can find everything , we juswt have to look for it and respect it.
A great project began with the harvest of 2008 for to research in our grapes their natural yeasts

LWe started to select indigenous yeasts, because we believe that our territory and the grapes must always be the real protagonists.In collaboration with a microbiology laboratory “ASTRA”, governed by the doctor Lorena Castellari , in 2007 we started our research project.From 2011 harvest , after many tests , we used our yeasts for fermentation of the grape juicy.

The result we have is still more real wines and a non standard taste.


Sulfitesare a acomponent that the juicy grape produces naturally, but can be introduced by the man and Italian law allows that the maximum limit in white wine is 200/MG Land in aa red wine 150/MG L. Our wines do not pass the 80/MG L and we knows is a low quantity, but we want to do better and we still study how to do it.

Wineyard treatments

Since 2014 we have introduced another innovation for getting healtier wines.The wine needs two treataments to fight two major illness, the “oidio” and the “peronospera”. In the biological to fight the “oidio” is used only sulfur with water and for the “peronospera” is used only copper in quantity equal or less of 6/kg/ha but this can to intoxicate the grapes with the probably of finding it in wine.That is the why we practice defense with natural microorganis to minimize the toxicity.

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